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Sorry, we are Closed for 2014

Ferret Boarding

We can board your pet ferrets while you go on Holiday.

Sorry, we are Closed for 2014

While we are not a Rescue, or large boarding kennels, we do offer very exclusive holidays for your monsters... (er we mean ferrets!) while you go away and enjoy your holiday, with the added bonus that you can relax, without worrying if your “Babies” are being looked after properly. Being ferret owners ourselves, we are aware of just how difficult it can be to get people to look after your ferrets when you go away. They are either considered exotic pets (£££££'s), or else everyone you know is scared of them.

The good thing is, we do not board as a “Business”, purely as a hobby, giving us the opportunity to meet other ferret owners, and more importantly, their gorgeous pets. Unfortunately, the bad part is, because it is only done as a hobby, and to help people out, space is very limited, so please book early. Since we started offering the boarding service in 2004, we have accumulated several “Regular Borders”, some of whom visit us several times over the course of the year. This means we sometimes get booked solid during the summer months. Not to mention, we like to get away ourselves from time to time.

Again, because we do this as a hobby rather than a business, we do not need to be inspected by any regulating bodies, such as the RSPCA, but because we have “Rescued” several of our ferrets from the RSPCA, you can at least have the peace of mind, of knowing we have been RSPCA vetted, and in actual fact knew more about ferret keeping, than the person vetting us.

We do not have lots of rules and regulations, other than we only take boarding ferrets that have been neutered (unless they are kits of course), are not carrying any extra guests, and can be handled (kisses are a bonus).

We are very sorry, but owing to the VAT increases driving up the cost of litter and cleaning sundries, coupled with being asked by some of the local Rescues not to charge less than them, so we have reluctantly decided to put our prices up a small amount to reflect this.

Sorry, we are Closed for 2014

Our normal charge is £2.50 (UK pound) per ferret, per day.

The minimum charge is £15

Because our guys come away with us, when we go away in the caravan, we already have several different cages we use for both transporting our guys, and for the boarders to stay in. Some of these can be seen in the “Our Homes” section of our web site.

To make your life easier, We do not require you to bring loads of “stuff” with you when they come to stay, as while here, they will have fleece bedding and hammocks along with Wood based pellet cat litter and clean fresh water every day (we do not leave a chocolate on their pillows, or turn down their bed covers though). We only ask that you to bring, their normal food, and treats, as ferrets can be very fussy about having their diet changed.

Our own ferrets all live indoors, and so will your ferrets for the duration of their stay. The room they will be in, is air conditioned on hot days.

Ferrets boarding with us, are treated exactly the same as our own guys while staying here, having a playtime every evening (usually about 3 or 4 hours or so), and if we are not at work, they quite often get out during the day as well. The only concession is, when ours are out in the run, the boarders will have the run of the downstairs of the house and vice versa, changing each evening.

Just to confirm, we do not mix the boarding ferrets with our own guys, or any other boarders. They will always have their own separate cages and play times.

We also have a “Ferret Proofed” garden, which if you are happy about, they will be allowed to play in. Because it is not possible to completely “Ferret Proof” anything, they will only be allowed out there when supervised. Every ferret is different, and while the garden is “Ferret Proofed” as far as our own ferrets are concerned, new ferrets are always teaching us extra tricks. We have one of our regular boarders, who we have now worked out, actually has tiny wings, which she only uses when you are not looking, allowing her into places other ferrets can only dream about.

Sorry, we are Closed for 2014

Well, enough of us spouting on about how good we think we are, You can follow the link below to see a few comments from some of the people who have dropped their ferrets here for their holidays.

“Testimonials from our satisfied customers.”

We will continue to add to these when ever people send us them.

Lastly, because of the ever increasing “blame culture” we seem to be inheriting from over seas, we have drawn up the following:-

“boarding agreement”

Which will hopefully answers any questions you may have, and also makes sure we have the necessary information easily available, in the unlikely event something should go wrong.

**Please Note**

**Although we now have had people boarding their ferrets from as far away as Alderney, Pembrokeshire, Sussex and many from Essex.**

**We are actually based in Sevenoaks, Kent**

Situated right beside the M25 and M26, and only a few miles off of the M20, we are also very convenient if you are travelling abroad for your holiday via one of the ports, Dover, Folkestone, or Gatwick Airport. We have had several people drop their guys off and pick them up on their way to and from their holidays.

If you have an enquiry about our ferret boarding, please click here to send us an Email

Sorry, we are Closed for 2014

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