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Ferret Boarding

Our References.

On this page, you will find quotes from people who have boarded their ferrets with us, many returning several times. Anyone can say on line, that they will look after your ferret nicely, but it is another matter proving it. Many of the people boarding their pets here, comment on how when they have gone to other boarding places before finding us, what they have experienced once they physically arrived, was nothing like the web site promised.

Here are some of the experiences both our boarders and us, have encountered at other boarding places.

Agreeing on the cage that the Ferrets were to be kept in for the duration of the boarding, but upon returning to pick the Ferrets up, the Ferrets were in fact in a much smaller cage.
Returning to find that not only were the ferrets not in the cage requested, but they were in a tiny run, on paving slabs, in the full sun, with no shade.
Requesting that the Ferrets were kept using the supplied cloth bedding, only to find upon their return, the bedding untouched, and the ferrets kept in paper/straw/hay/wood shavings as it was easier to clean out!!
Ferrets promised to be kept in a cage indoors, but upon returning a day early, and going to pick them up, found they were in a small cage, in a Shed, with no toys or proper bedding.
Returning to find the Ferrets were now a dirty brown colour, rather than the nice White Albinos that were dropped off 3 weeks earlier, and the 2 water bottles on the cage were empty, and full of a green algae. The Ferrets also now had fleas and ear mites

The above are just a sample, of the stories we have either experienced first hand, or been told.

When you come to us, your ferret will become part of our family for the duration of their stay.

Here are some Testimonials from owners of the ferrets we have looked after.

From:- Kirsty and Ryan, in Epping, Essex. They have 2 ferrets, Errol and Berrol, who are like many of the ferrets we look after, totally spoilt and part of the family. Kirsty and Ryan even moved house to be closer to Epping Forrest so that the Ferrets could get more walks. They also travelled all the way from South London, to Bristol, in order to make sure Errol visited a good ferret knowledgeable vet for an adrenal operation, as their normal vet, in Crawley was on Holiday.

We will add a picture of these two cuties, next time they come to stay, as we failed to get any good ones last time they were here.

Dear Clive, Suz and the ferret gang.
Wanted to say a massive thanks for looking after Errol & Berrol recently. We have been reluctant to go on holiday abroad preferring to take them on UK breaks, due to past bad experiences with ferret boarding places. Then we came across your fantastic website. The email exchanges we had were extremely informative and we were really pleased that we could come down and meet you before making the booking. It was so re-assuring to meet 2 people who, like us, see ferrets as at the very heart of the family. The set up you guys have down there with the lovely play area, all the toys, great cages etc re-assured us no end.
Whilst away you were more than happy for us to call to get updates on how they were doing. The true test though has to be their temperament when we returned - never before have we seen them so settled somewhere other than their home - they were running round and playing with toys like they lived there. So thanks so much again, we have no hesitation in recommending you to other ferret owners
Kirsty, Ryan, Errol & Berrol

From:- Carlos who is a Portuguese artist, living in London, with his Russian Girlfriend who is a Fashion Designer. Both have to regularly travel back to their home countries, and leave their mini monster called Loki with us on a fairly regular basis. Loki is one of the rarer Ferrets that actually has tiny invisible wings, allowing her to fly to places other ferrets can not normally get to.

We first met Clive and Suz on a hot summer‘s day around 4 years ago. We were desperately looking for a place with a minimal set of conditions to leave our petit monster for 2 weeks. I must admit that we treat her as a spoiled child and that we wouldn‘t just leave her in a normal animal kennel. We had tried several, one of them actually had the RSPCA knocking at the door and the owner wasn't letting them in. All looked very dodgy. Another had all the animals in the back garden, they looked sweet, but the conditions were deplorable. My girlfriend finally found Clive and Suz contact on a forum I think. We went there and we couldn't believe it, they had their ferrets inside the house, and most amazing they were friendly and had a really really comfortable house. Loki (aka the monster) stayed there, and since then she probably spend as much time with her uncles ( C and S) as with us in our house. She is a really spoiled little ferret and has difficulties adapting to other ferrets, but that didn't change the fact that she was treated as the spoiled ferret she is and got even more spoilt. We thank C and S for their sweetness towards our Loki.
One time, in the past she got very sick, and our vet couldn‘t find out what it was. It was C and S with their love and experience that pointed us in the right direction; they thought it could only be one thing, so they posted in forums asking other people for information. They acted as her family, and they were right, as when I insisted with the vet to retake some tests, it proved C and S experience was correct and saved our sweet little monsters life.
Further than that, Loki also loves to terrorise their ferrets when she is out, and they are in their cages, and enjoys to run free around the house, to destroy the kitchen when they turn their back (she is a flying ferret), and also to run around the garden. She also enjoys chasing after the 2 cats as well, they are also very gentle.
In the overall, Clive and Suz are doing this because they love ferrets and have a high consideration for their wellbeing. I know I couldn't find better even if I tried.
Thanks you both very publicly. Carlos, Evi and Loki

From:- Tilly in Winchelsea, who has one ferret called Charlie, pictured below with his pet pig.

With regards to your boarding facilities, well what can I say? After speaking to Clive on the telephone and by email, it became obvious to me that he and Suzanne had a very great knowledge, understanding and love of ferrets, which made me feel confident that our Charlie would be well cared for. I was reassured that he would be given time to settle himself in gradually so as not to stress him unduly. I was even able to keep up with his progress by email while we were away! The cage he was given was clean, comfortable and roomy and had several sleeping options for him. However, he wasn‘t just kept in a cage for 24 hours a day. He was given the freedom of organized daily play times whereby he was able to explore the house and garden and then take himself back when he‘d tired himself out. After three and a half weeks, we picked him up. He was happy, clean and alert. He suffered no after effects at all and got back easily into his normal routine. I would recommend your boarding facilities to anyone.
With regard to your boarding prices, for the level of care that you provide, I would be more than happy to pay a higher rate than you presently charge.
Best wishes. Tilly, Len & Charlie

From:- Nicky in Bromley, who has loads of Ferrets, of which we were asked to look after 6 in 2 groups of 3. Here is Tonto pictured below playing in the garden.

Dear Clive and Suz. Thank you both so much for taking such wonderful care of my six babies whilst I was away on holiday. After having met you at a ferret show a few weeks earlier I already knew what a lovely couple you are which really put my mind at ease. After actually coming to your home on drop off day I also knew that my ferrets would never want to come home again! You have the most perfect set up for ferrets. Your home, garden and your (massive!) run all provide for a ferret paradise. I felt extremely guilty taking my babies home with me. My biggest thank you goes to you both for agreeing to have my guys again for any future holidays. I would highly recommend your boarding facilities to anyone.
Very best wishes, Nicki and the gang.

From:- Neil and Linda in Rochester, who have 2 Ferrets, Gizmo, and Lewis, pictured below having fun in the hallway. When this was taken, Lewis was just 11 weeks old.

We have left our boys including a young Kit with Clive and Suz several times over the last year, they are brilliant, the boys love it there and get treated as they do at home. Its a ferret playground and our boys love the ferret proof garden. They are dedicated ferret lovers and minders and its a relief to know ours boys will be well looked after while we are away. Can‘t thank Clive and Suz enough, its almost impossible to find good ferret sitters, and they are great!!
see you soon, Neil and Linda x

From:- Shaun and Emma in Dagenham, Essex, who have 2 Ferrets, Phoebe and Frankie, pictured below cuddling each other on the cushion by the sofa.

Clive and Suz,
Thank you so much for taking such great care of our girls, Frankie and Phoebe, whilst we were on holiday. As you well know, the girls mean the world to us and it is extremely hard to find anyone who has the know-how and facilities to look after them. Having spoken with you over e–mail and then in person, its clear that you both have a fantastic knowledge of all things ferret and they would clearly be in good hands and our minds were instantly put at ease. However, after seeing the facilities that you provide for them, in particular the garden and the run, we were amazed at how great a time Frabkie and Phoebe would have whilst staying with you. The fact the Phoebe sat in your arms for half an hour whilst Frankie investigated the house, before the two of them began 'doing laps' around the garden was a great sight for us as they were clearly loving their new surroundings and looking forward to the ample play time that you give them.
Both Frankie and Phoebe returned home with us fit, well and happy (although maybe a little annoyed to have been taken away from their new found ferret paradise!)
We will defiantly be asking you two to look after our girls the next time we go away. I would recommend your boarding facilities to anyone.
Shaun, Emma, Frankie and Phoebe

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